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Top 7 Must Try Cafe and Restaurant in Balanga Bataan

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Balanga is one of the most popular municipalities of Bataan and I was surprised to see so many restaurants, bar, and cafes here in Balanga. Since it’s my first time visiting Balanga Bataan I didn’t expect to see numerous known establishments in the province such as Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, Mcdo, and even Starbucks.

Whenever I visit a new place, I make sure I will be able to try their BEST restaurants and cafe in town. Let me give you my top fave cafe, resto, and bar here in Balanga Bataan.

My Top 7 places to eat in Balanga

1. Tangway

Located in the stretch of Capitol Road, Balanga Bataan. Serving Filipino dish with a twist.


Personal Fave:

Crispy Pata

I guess any Filipino loves Crispy Pata, sinful and deadly (lol) yet so good.

crispy pata

Sinigang Na Tinola

Filipinos love anything with a soup based viand especially when it’s sour. And can you imagine our typical Tinola to have a soup based soup and the restaurant did not just use the typical Kalamasi or Sampaloc but they used a leaf to have a sour soup in this Tinola.

2. Stregato

After having lunch during our Day 1 here in Balanga Bataan, my Blogger friends and I decided to have a dessert in Stregato, located near the Balanga Plaza. This cafe is offering quality and affordable gelato, cakes, and other pastries.

One scoop of gelato is only 80 Pesos and their big cookie chip is only 40 Pesos.




3. Sybilla’s

Located in Roman Highway, Balanga Bataan

If you are in look of hearty and light meals, then Sybilla’s is your best option here in the town of Balanga.


Personal Fave

Sybilla’s Chicken

Their version has lemongrass which I find it very tasty and a perfect combination to any chicken dish.

sybilla's chicken

Corn and Egg soup

corn soup

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled ham and cheese, served with potato chips, and maple syrup. So good!

grilled cheese

4. Beanery

A homegrown cafe here in Bataan offering affordable coffee and pastries. A Large Cafe Latter for only 98 Pesos, regular Caramel Jelly Frost for 128 Pesos and muffins for 78 Pesos only.

The beanery

The beanery

Unfortunately, when we asked the staff from where the coffee beans they are using, they are not familiar with it and the manager doesn’t know also, which I find it really weird and off. However, I must say that their coffee is still good.

5. Esquinita


If you are in look of a hang out place with your friends and drinking buddies, I suggest visiting this bar and resto. They have a live acoustic band every weekend from 7 pm onwards.


Here in Bataan, we’ve been eating a lot of Sisig for the past 3 days and we haven’t eaten the same taste in all 4 or 5 restos we dine in. Every restaurant has their own version Sisig and surprisingly, everything is good.

esquinita sisig

This bar also offers good cocktails and mixed drinks which we did not miss trying with my fellow Bloggers. We had 3 different shots each and what I had are all good. I loved it and will definitely go back when I visit Balanga again.

6. Nico’s Terrace Grill


On our 2nd night in Balanga, we had our dinner here in Nico’s. The owner of this restaurant is a doctor by profession, a music lover, and a guitarist. He used to sing with his guitar in a bar and finally decided to have his own and when he had a son, he named his bar- Nico’s.

7. Crown Royale Hotel Restaurant

Crown Royale Hotel

We actually stayed 2 nights here and during our first breakfast, I decided to order Beef Tapa with Fried rice and egg or TAPSI. If breakfast is not included in your accommodation, their Tapsi price is at 270 Pesos with free coffee and fruits.


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