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Maki Moto Sushi Bar and Restaurant

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Been living in Las Pinas for more than 2 decades and I see restaurants and cafes come and go. Some stayed for years and one of my go-to and fave Asian restaurant is Maki Moto Sushi Bar and Restaurant. Located in the stretch of Gloria Diaz, BF Resort Las Pinas.

Maki Moto: Close to authentic Japanese food

I have been dining here numerous times already and have been bringing my friends whenever they are in the area. The restaurant is small and can only accommodate 10 pax inside and 15 pax outside. However, if you want to enjoy their fresh and close to authentic Japanese food (well, according to 2 of my friends who have been in Japan) then you can have it delivered right at your door.


makimoto outside

makimoto inside

makimoto menu



Kani Corn Soup for 90 Pesos / 1.8 USD

Chichi and I love to dive in on a soup every time we dine in a restaurant. Our first to eat all the time, lol. From the pictures, you can see that the egg and corn are generously served on this 90 Pesos soup. Sulit right?

corn soup



Tuna Sushi 3 pcs for 160 Pesos / 3.2 USD

According to Nicole of www.chicmix.net Maki Moto’s sushi is legit Japanese quality and she remembers when she was craving for it when they were at the airport in Japan, and this came to her mind. The restaurant use quality and fresh fish every day.



Special Bento for 280 Pesos / 5.6 USD

Whenever I’m here, I always order this or their Beef Bento. My friend Nicole find Maki Moto’s bento choices to be too sweet but for some reason, I’m loving its sweetness and its savory for my palette. Maki Moto uses good quality of rice and its not just cheap so you get what you pay for.

makimoto bento seafood

seafood bento


Beef Bento for 250 Peso / 5 USD

The beef is tender and the sauce is a bit sweet. The Tempura is perfectly cooked paired with sauteed veggies.

makimoto bento


They also serve Ramen, Udon, California Rolls, Maki, Katsudon, Beef Teriyaki, Tonkatsu, Curry (beef, chicken, katsu, and seafood). They also have few Korean foods to serve like Jjigae, Japchae, Bulgogi, and Bibimbap.


For deliveries call +632-4785548 or +632-7363983



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