s Gluta Drip or Injection Safe For Our Body?
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Is Glutathione Drip or Injection Safe For Our Body?

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The number one question a skin clinic and/or medical practitioners get for anybody who wants to try Glutathione for the first time – IS IT SAFE TO USE? Before injecting yourself glutathione to achieve whatever benefits it can produce to our body, we should ask a Dermatologist first and check the skin clinic if they are authorized to give this type of services to their clients.

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Finessa Aesthetica

Finessa Aesthetica, Inc. boasts the best non-invasive technology in slimming and skincare in the Philippines, under the direct supervision of board-certified dermatologists. Treatments performed at the facility are worry-free and the aestheticians or nurses are well trained in techniques to promote optimal skin and body care. All skincare products are hypo-allergenic and the company ensures that the staff, the Doctors and nurses are the best on what they do.

Finessa offers a wide array of beauty and skin treatments for face and body such as Facials, Laser treatments for slimming, hair removal, Tattoo Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Scar Revision, and we also have the Gluta Drip and Gluta Infusion as our staple treatment for whitening.

Finessa Aesthetica has been in the business for 3 years now with Timog branch as their main branch, the Year 2015 they opened 2 more branches located in Paranaque and White Plains. The company is committed to spreading beauty beyond compare and is now leaning towards building more branches to pamper and cater to your every skin, face and body care needs.

Finessa Aesthetica boasts the best techniques in skin, face, body care and slimming

Finessa Signature Drip has:


B Complex

Vitamin C



Price per session: 6,000 Pesos

Gluta Drip do’s and dont’s

  1. Always drink water and make sure you are always hydrated especially when having a gluta drip
  2. Less intake of sweets (soda, juice chocolates, milk tea). However, after eating and drinking too many sweets make sure you will hydrate yourself with lots of water.
  3. Have enough sleep before having gluta drips/inject
  4. Hangover and alcohol in your body n a BIG NO-No when having a session

These tips will prevent you from having dense blood and having palpitations. 

Glutathione Benefits:

  1. May improve psoriasis
  2. Reduces cell damage from smoking and too much drinking of alcohols
  3. Improves insulin resistance
  4. Reduces the symptoms of Parkinsons disease
  5. Boost immune system
  6. Reduces fatty liver
  7. Reduces oxidative stress
  8. May reduce respiratory disease
  9. May reduced uncontrolled diabetes

Finessa SM Sucat Drip Room

gluta drip room

gluta drip sesh

Finessa Aesthetica is offering a lot of beauty services to their clients and one of their most popular services is their Glutathione Signature Drip which I have been doing for 3 sessions now. Glutathione has many benefits for our body and for someone like me who are suffering from skin asthma this is a huge help to calm my skin especially when the weather has sudden change and if I eat food that triggers my skin asthma.

gluta drip

My gluta session takes about 30 minutes but for some, it takes about 40 to 1-hour. Because It all depends on how the drip flows into your veins. For someone like me who always hydrates before having a gluta session, the drip finishes in 30 minutes or less and I make sure not to eat or drink too many sweets like juices and soda before having a session.

I do not aim to have a fairer skin since you can only achieve fair skin if you overdose yourself with glutathione. My main purpose of having this is to improve my skin and my immune system.


For more details please visit Finessa SM Sucat

Address: Doctor Arcadio Santos Avenue, corner Carlos P. Garcia Ave Ext Parañaque.

Contact Number: 852-2969
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  1. If ever given the chance , i would love to try this gluta drip since i have this skin asthma . It would help since it is known to be calming in our health. Thank you for sharing this to us , permission to share this wonderful reviews . So may other know the benefits of taking gluta drip.

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