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Delroy French Pandesal, BF Aguirre

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The amount of cafes and restaurant sprawling along the stretch of BF Aguirre, Paranaque is a bit overwhelming for me especially if I have not visited the place for more than 6 months. It also amazes me that people are bringing a sophisticated taste of their hometown and try to mix with Pinoy taste. One cafe/restaurant just recently opened 2 months ago, offering good, cheap, and quality pieces of bread, pastries, deli’s, and wines – Delroy Frech Pandesal.

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Bread and Wine

Aside from their 10 Pesos French Pandesal, Delroy is also offering varieties of wine – Red, White, and Moscato. Their wines are from Spain, Italy, and Australia. I personally like Aussie wines especially their Red Wines and I have tasted Delroy’s Moscato from Spain which is so good and it’s only 599 Pesos per bottle.


cheese bread wine setup

Delroy’s pricing is really cheap compared to other bakeshop and cafes you will find however the quality, the taste, and the ingredients are all imported especially the butter they used in their pastries and bread is from France. If you are a baker and once you taste their bread, I guarantee you that you can immediately taste the butter and milk they used.

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Bread Choices



I barely eat sandwiches in a cafe because often they put really tangy mayonnaise and I hate that kind of spread but surprisingly, I can eat their sandwich because the kind of spread that they use is not the typical Pinoy local quality sandwich mayonnaise. Price is 99 Pesos.



Blueberry Bread Pudding

For only 59 Pesos you get to taste a satisfying bread pudding with a blueberry spread topped with almonds. I mean, that is so CHEAP but the taste is really good and not too sweet. I also love the combination of the sweetness of the pudding and the tanginess of blueberry.

bread pudding

Chocochip Cookies

Since I also bake, I know my kind of pastries and the sweetness of cookies I want. Delroy’s cookies are soft and they use quality choco chips too.


Choco Muffin

choco bread


The tita in me is so happy when I came into Delroy. I see a variety of wines, red, white and even Moscato. I personally love Red wine and I can have 1 glass of it every single night and I’ll pair it with a simple cheese and crackers and I’m all good for the night before I hit the sack.

They have for as low as 500 Pesos / 10 USD to 2,500 Pesos / 50 USD of a wine bottle which is still a good price.

ham and wine


white wine




If you want to have wine night at home, you can drop by Delroy and purchase their choices of cold cuts and delis for a very affordable price. and they also have a few quality of cheese you can choose from.



If you are in search of a new hang out place with your Amigas and buddies, consider visiting Delroy. And from 6 pm onwards every day they sell their pastries and bread for 50% or Buy 1 Take 1.


Delroy French Pandesal

BF Aguirre, Paranaque

Open Monday to Sunday, 5 am to 9 pm

For deliveries: 02-8204292

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