4 Basic Tattoo Rules You Need to Know

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A tattoo is not for everybody, some find it fascinating on getting a tattoo and having tons of it on their skin and some find it disgusting and violating your own body. We may not all agree on having ink on our skin but this blog is intended for people who are getting a tattoo for the first time or being impulsive on having an additional design permanently inked on their skin. 

Does having a tattoo have basic rules?

I believe there is and these lists should be followed especially the new ones who are getting a tattoo for the first time.

1. Think of your design

So, you’ve been researching on the internet almost every day the kind of tattoo you want to have permanently on your skin. May it be a dragon, a tiger or a mermaid whatever that is, you have to carefully research the best design you want to have and it should suit your personality.

You also have to ask for your artists’ opinion the placing of your design especially if it’s a big tattoo and round in shape. It’s up to you if you want your design to be visible or not. May it be in your arms, legs, hands, neck or back.

If having a Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew character or font and you are not speaking and writing their language you have to research the right meaning of it.

2. Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

Now you have the design for your tattoo and you wanna make sure that the tattoo artist is not just good but he works best in the design you have in mind especially if its a portrait or 3D design. Every Tattoo artist has their own signature style and works so you also need to research and talk to the artist beforehand.

3. Never put your partners’ NAME on your body

black and white ink

I personally do not like tattooing my partners’ name or face on my body. I would only have a name tattoo for my parents and child because they are my forever. You get what I mean?

I have seen a lot having their girlfriend or husbands name on their body and when they have a failed relationship and hated each other so much, the person will have it covered with a new design. It’s a waste of MONEY and another PAINFUL session with your artist, lol.

4. Look for a decent and clean tattoo shop

Here in the Philippines, I could see a lot of tattoo shop sprawling in the streets of Metro Manila but I couldn’t guarantee that every shop is clean and being sanitized every tattoo session or every day.

How to know if the tattoo shop is clean

clean tattoo

  1. The first thing you need to look for is their Business Permit, Sanitary Permit, and DOH Permit. This means that the shop is following the regulatory sanitation for tattoo shops.
  2. The shop should have a separate room for a tattoo session and a separate area for their receiving/lobby area.
  3. SMOKING and DRINKING LIQUOR is prohibited inside the shop.
  4. Inside the room check if the chair, bed and tattoo gun is wrapped with plastic and the artist is changing it for every person being tattooed.
  5. Say that you finally decided to go for that artist, you have to make sure the tattoo artist is showing you he is using a new needle before opening it as well as a new glove.
  6. Equipment and materials have a cabinet and drawers and not everything is exposed.
  7. Tattoo artist and his assistant are always wearing a NEW surgical/tattoo gloves, mask, and the artist will show you that after the session he will throw it to the bin as well as the needle and plastics used to wrap the chair or table or bed used on your tattoo session.

Is it SAFE to have a tattoo session in your home

I’d say yes and it’s really your prerogative to have it done in your home. Besides, you know very well if your house is clean or not.

A tattoo is technically not a permanent ink on your skin because there are laser machines that can erase your tattoo but it is 3x more painful than having a tattoo and 3 to 5x more expensive. So before getting an INK, you have to be 1001% sure of your design and you will not regret it.

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