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Less Than 1000 Pesos Zenroom in Selah Loft, Pasay

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If you are traveling here in the Philippines and planning to stay longer or perhaps just a few days or in need of a quick staycation, no fret because Selah Loft Pasay is your best choice if you are in a tight budget.

Budget-friendly Pasay Hotel

If you say Pasay, cheap motels and even high-class hotels are all over the city. From 350 Pesos to a hefty 15,000 Pesos per room/night you can find here. So, if you want a decent, clean, and accessible hotel then you must book a room in Selah Loft.

This is one of the new branches of Selah Hotel Pasay. Their first hotel is Selah Garden, second is Selah Pods, and third is the Selah Loft.

Selah loft view

Selah loft hallways

Selah loft doors

Selah Pods and Selah Loft share the same building located in David St. cor PH, San Hose, F.B. Harrison Street, Pasay, Manila.

Hotel Room

Since this is a budget hotel, their hotel room sizes are about 10 to 15 sqm only. But it has a Queen size bed, a sofa bed, 32 inches LED tv, a small bathroom, a kitchen sink, and cabinets and most importantly, a 3-star hotel feel.

selah loft room

kitchen sink

selah loft queen bed

selah loft sala

selah loft sofa bed

Now that is a HUGE selling point of this budget hotel. Not to mention that from the hotel lobby up to their hotel hallways, and rooms are all clean and fresh smelling. Also, on every floors, there’s water dispenser available for all hotel guests.

Room Price

Fyi, you may be surprised and confused when booking a room in Selah Loft or Pods or Garden became Selah Hotel is under the booking company Zen Rooms.

According to Zenroom Hotel Operations Manager, they do not have fixed room rates or published rates since their room prices will depend for low and high season months.

Summer is Peak Season, their usual rated of their Loft Room is around 1,000 to 1,200 Pesos per night, good for 2 adult and 1 child (7 y/o and below).


Since they are an affordable hotel, they do not serve breakfast however, their sister-hotel Selah Pods has an in-house restaurant that offers 250 Pesos breakfast per pax.

If you want to swim at Selah Pods swimming pool, you may and have to pay 50 Pesos per pax (only valid for Selah Loft guests).


Is this worth your penny? DEFINITELY, YES! Zenroom affiliates offer a 20% discount, so if you are booking a room here worth 1,200 Pesos minus the 20% discount, you will only pay 960 Pesos.

Use my code MOMMALEEADVENTURES to get you 20% discount on all hotel bookings under ZENROOMS app or website. No minimum rate just add my code before paying and viola! You’ll be paying less 20%.

I also commend all their hotel staff as they are all accommodating, courteous, and all smiles to their hotel guests. Morning and evening shift staff are all consistent with this commendable behavior.


Selah Loft Pasay

David St. cor PH, San Hose, F.B. Harrison Street, Pasay, Manila.

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