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10 Benefits of Breastfeeding

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In the Philippines and even all over the world, women organization and respective government are encouraging all mothers to breastfeed their new born babies from age 0 to 2 years and beyond. There are several reasons which mothers and infants will benefit from breastfeeding.

Benefits from breastfeeding

  1. Breast milk contains antibodies that our infants will be needing for their development
  2. Breast milk has the complete nutrition for infants. Says to be the perfect mixture of vitamins, protein, and fat that infants need for their growth development
  3. will provide the complete nutrients for babies
  4. Lowers the risk of having ear infection and asthma
  5. Babies will fight the viruses and bacteria in their body
  6. Says to give hight IQ for babies
  7. Mothers will burn more calories whn breastfeeding
  8. Reduce uterus bleeding for breadt feeding mothers
  9. May lower osteroporosis for breastfeeding moms
  10. Cheap and saves you money from buying formula milk

How to have enough milk

1 Eat healthy food

2 Drink lots of liquid

3 Eat soup based soup

4 Eat malunggay

5 Have enough sleep


Here in the Philippines, a Representative of San Jose Bulacan, Congresswoman Rida Robes is currently working on having a hospital clinic designated for breastfeeding moms.

rida robes

In which a milk bank is currently designing by doctors from Taiwan and with its technology they aim to provide all residents of San Jose Bulacan to benefit from it especially low income earners family and mothers who will have difficulty in providing breast milk for their new born babies.

Breastfeeding moms will undergo screening before they can donate their breast milk. Milk will be collected and stored in a special freezer. Babies 6 months and below will be prioritized in their milk bank since this is the crucial stage of any infant and needed good amount of nutrients and vitamins that only breastmilk can provide.

As soon as their hospital will be operational, and if the local government can extend help to donate breastmilk to nearby towns – they will do so.

We hope that the whole country will have a technology that Representative Rida Robes vision in San Jose Bulacan.

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